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LE 005

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LE 004

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``You think he's that hard and grumpy in the inside..?``

LE 003

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In a way, this closely resembles last night’s jam packed train ride.

Ah… MRT.

For those who are wondering… this still is the old tech/work BLOG site. Even with these LEGO minifigs around.

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LE 001

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General Bazooka / Second in Command


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We don’t need to geek out arguing on the existence of a T minus zero, right?

‘Do it again. Do it again.’

That was the reaction of our 6 year old when he saw this one.

Of course I have to explain Photoshop to him.

Ever since LEGO365 ended days ago, it left a gaping void in the-keeping-the -sanity-intact parts of my day.

I googled here and there for a similar site. Flickr-ed here and there but I can’t find one.

There are good ones. Amazing ones. But not daily. In this current work-related stress-oriented life of ours, I need those LEGO shots daily.

Twice or thrice a day if possible.

T minus 2

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``Only love. Only love can leave such a mark, only love can heal such a scar.``

Oh Oh Magnificent.


My favorite track so far from U2’s latest album, NLOTH.

Here’s the official youtube video.

And here’s a link to download the DVDRIP x264 in mkv format (hotfile.com link (quite slow)).

I use KMPlayer to view mkv files.

But I’m pretty sure your media player with the right codecs can play it.

T minus 3

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Time to pack up boys. We're going home.

T minus 4

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Note: Girl blowing the flower photo is not mine. I’m still googling who the photographer is.

T minus 6

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T minus 7

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This is why we missed yesterday's update.

Delayed. Yes.

ISP went down too.

T minus 8

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This should be T-8 already. Looks like I’m moving towards the wrong direction.

(I messed up with the links in the previous post. Here in case you missed that one.)

T minus 9

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‘T’ can stand for Trial/Test too. Let’s just see where this will lead to.

More later.